Your special day should be everything you’ve dreamed of, with everything done your way. The fairy tales and movies glorify having a big lavish wedding, but you know in your heart, you’d rather have an intimate affair. If you prefer to have just your closest friends and family by your side, you’re dreaming of a Weddingsmicro wedding.

A micro wedding is generally for 50 guests or less. Many couples are moving towards having a micro wedding. It’s more budget-friendly and can be much easier to plan.

To help make it as easy as possible, we’ve gathered the top eight tips for having a micro wedding in Florida.

Make it a destination micro wedding

One of the main benefits of having a micro wedding is that it is easier to make it a destination wedding. Might we suggest beautiful Delray Beach, Florida? For many couples, having their wedding at a beach destination is the perfect reason to keep it small and intimate.

Our Delray Beach hotel is centrally located in downtown Delray Beach just steps from the energetic Atlantic Avenue and the Intracoastal Waterway. You and your guests will be surrounded by some of the Sunshine State’s best features. Our team is happy to suggest ways to have fun while you’re in Delray Beach, and how to incorporate what our unique destination has to offer into your special day.

Be thoughtful about your guest list

Since you’re going to keep things intimate, be thoughtful about your guest list. Are there certain parameters you want to set to help you narrow down who to include? Keeping your guest list to immediate family only like parents, grandparents, siblings, and aunts and uncles will help you stay focused.

This is your day. So talk with each other and discuss what is most important to you, and who you want to have there. Besides thinking about who you want to invite, consider why you want to invite them. This will help you narrow down your list, and help you connect with your guests as you think about what they mean to you.

Create a message for those that won’t be on the guest list

The use of social media is very helpful when planning a micro wedding. It can even be used to connect with your family and friends that aren’t going to be invited, but you still want to share your day with them in some way.

Let your friends and family know that you’ve decided to have a small intimate wedding and that their friendship does matter to you. You can do this through social media by creating a short video or creative message. Or perhaps send a postcard sharing a few brief details of the day and thanking them for their support and understanding.

Get creative with seating

A major advantage of a micro wedding is that there are far less people to seat and plan for. But this can throw off some couples too. Will it look weird to have small rows with only a few chairs during the ceremony? It’s okay to break away from tradition.

Our Delray Beach hotel has multiple venues from which to choose. If you want to let your love shine outdoors under a Florida blue sky, we’ve got a venue for that. If you want to glam it up in one of our modern event rooms, we can do that.

Let us share our options with you and you can decide which setting fits your vision for your day. Then we can play with seating options for your ceremony and your reception.

Focus on delicious food and drinks

Speaking of reception, let’s eat! By having a small wedding you can expand your dining and drinking options, and dazzle your guests. Many couples who have a large wedding tend to go with a buffet for their reception as it is easier to please a large guest list. With a micro wedding, you can focus on your favorite flavors and have a plated meal.

We’re happy to create a menu that showcases your tastes, while still providing options that can please everyone on your list. Make your reception really shine with a signature cocktail. We can also create a mocktail version.

Involve your guests

With a smaller guest list, it’s easy to get your guests involved. Have them bring along a favorite photo of you two, and have them place it on a table in your reception. Or, they can send it in ahead of time and we can put up a slide show on a monitor during your reception.

How about setting up a chalkboard or bulletin board where your guests can write down an adjective to describe you as a couple. Maybe there are friends or family that want to say a few words during your reception, rather than just sticking to the traditional speech roles.

Make your reception your own

With a micro wedding, it is up to you if you want to stick to tradition, get creative, or keep it as simple as possible. If you want your reception to feel more like a casual get-together or party, let us know. We like to get playful.

With our diverse venues, we can use our hotel’s modern decor, or you can enhance it with decorative touches that are personal to you. We’re also a dog-friendly hotel in Delray Beach, so if you want to involve your pups we can bow wow you.

A smaller wedding makes it easier for you to make your ceremony and reception all your own.

Connect with our wedding planning team to make your day, your way

The best way to make the most of your day? Connect with our team. We love small talk. So let’s talk about your micro wedding.

Give us a call or send us an email and tell us what you want for your day. Or, fill out our event form below. Let’s make your day, your way, in Delray Beach.