Six Ways to Avoid Common Event Planning Mistakes

Planning an event is an art and a science. You can plan every last detail, and in the end something unexpected will pop up. Since we have years of experience planning a variety of special events for our guests, we’d thought we’d share some knowledge.

At our Delray Beach hotel we want you to have your event, your way. Our team of professionals is here to help you put together an event that is uniquely yours. Even though our team is here for you, it’s good for you to know how to avoid common event planning mistakes.

Check the calendar and the competition

Whether you’re hosting an event to bring in external attendees or you’re a corporate planning putting together a big internal event, you have competition. Do some digging up front to see if anyone else is hosting a similar event, and if so when. Being right next to the competition may work for fast-food chains, but it doesn’t usually bode well for events.

Your ideal date may not be the best fit after all

Be tech-ready

You don’t have to be a tech genius to use technology wisely. Draw an outline of your event and what will be presented. Then think about how using technology, like live streaming, social media interaction, and motion based presentations will enhance your event. Even lighting can be used smartly.

We have some great audio and visual equipment at our fingertips that will enhance your event. So sketch some ideas out, write up some questions, and get in touch with us so we can augment your event with technology.

Communicate, a lot

You don’t have to have your event 100% solidified to start talking to your audience about it. Loop them in early to at least make them aware of what you’re working on. If you wait too long to let your potential attendees know about your event it may be too late.

Keep them posted through social media. Start an email list so they can be first to register for your event once you’re ready. As you work with our event team share your progress with your audience.

Be flexible

The phrase “expect the unexpected” certainly applies to events of all kinds. You can’t control the weather, and neither can we. So while we would love for you to take advantage of our incredible rooftop pool terrace, we also make a back up plan in case mother nature has her own agenda.

Our team will review all your options so you can plan ahead. We’ll be ready to roll with the waves and we encourage you to do the same. Our team works to ensure every possible change is planned for, and we’ll be there for you if any adjustments need to be made.

Our rooftop terrace is a popular event venue

Fuel yourself and your attendees

Food is fuel. As tasty as our food and beverage is, it is also prepared so your event perform at its highest level. You, the event planner, need to fuel yourself right. And by creating a menu that is full of wonderful flavors, your event will stand out.

The quickest way to your attendees’ heart is through their stomach. Your attendees will enjoy your event a whole lot more if you plan not just meals, but snack and drink breaks too.

Fuel your event with delicious food

Follow-up after the event

It’s not over until you’ve sent out a post-event survey, and most importantly, thanked your attendees. Remember all that social media and emailing we mentioned earlier? Keep it going. Whether your event is full of internal attendees or lots of prospects, keep the relationship alive. Share key learnings. Ask for feedback. Send a recap.

Now it’s time to get moving

Give us a call at 561-693-3154 and tell us what you want for your event. Or, fill out our event form below. Let’s make your big day, your way, in Delray Beach.